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Audi Brings You Every Angle of Innovation

In case you missed it, we at Audi Fort Worth thought Audi did something cool last month by resurrecting the age-old pinhole camera in honor of Halloween. The automaker used pumpkins to create the world's first 360-degree gif of the Audi RS 7. Pretty cool, huh? The eerie image is due to the cameras' lens-less exposure. Check out the post below to learn more!

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Audi Gives Tinderellas Their Happy Endings?

When it comes to romance, we at Audi Fort Worth like to think Audi is equipped. We believe that a lasting relationship is built on action, not just words and ideas -- though all three are important when it comes to communicating among various parties. Take it from our current lineup of new and used Audi models. Without an intense level of commitment, they wouldn't undergo the process from concept to creation -- just like any meaningful relationship.

We know you're looking for something a little substantial. Are you ready to swipe right on Audi?

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AutoGuide.com Puts 2015 Audi S3 Through its Paces

A veritable performance enthusiast's dream-come-true, the 2015 Audi S3 is apparently also a darling of the automotive media.


That said, we encourage you to take a listen to what Craig Cole, AutoGuide.com Associate Editor, has to say about the S3:

While all praise is due for the S3's 292-horsepower four-cylinder powertrain, also worth noting is its amazing assortment of onboard amenities.

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Audi reminds us that winter is coming

If you watched the Emmys last night, you know that fantasy favorite "Game of Thrones" scooped up quite a lot of Emmy wins-- a record-breaking 12, to be exact. Our preferred automaker wished the winner of "Best Drama" a heartfelt congratulations and a reminder that winter is coming.



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Would you drive an autonomous car?



Audi is amongst several companies exploring the self-driving car space, with the intention of making driving safer. Of course, the idea of a self-driving car doesn't necessarily feel safer to drivers who aren't used to it.

"Building faith in autonomous technology is pivotal for Audi," Dino Grandoni writes in The New York Times, "which says that in the next three years it will sell a luxury

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Audi Pushes the Limits

...All the way out to the moon.



Audi is supporting a team called "The Part-Time Scientists" in a quest to build and test the rover "Audi lunar Quattro," with the hope of winning $20 million as part of the Google Lunar XPRIZE. You can learn more about this endeavor here: http://microsites.audi.com/mission-to-the-moon/.

At Audi Fort Worth, located at 116

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Audi Bringing All-Electric Prototype to Frankfurt

The Frankfurt Motor Show is coming up, meaning in a few weeks, we'll see a few of Audi's upcoming models. We're also getting a concept car, too. Big whoop--we get concepts from the four rings every time we turn our heads. But this one is different. This one is going to production, and in a big way.

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Create a look that is all 'you'

With our help, your 2015 Audi Q5 can go from looking like a beautiful luxury SUV to being a beautiful SUV that is also an extension of your personality. With Audi Genuine Parts and Accessories you can achieve a look that says you have pride for the Audi brand, and these are available for just about any new Audi model on the market. Ranging from roof racks for bikes and skis to coolers and tents, Audi Genuine Accessories present your love for your vehicle in a way that nobody else can.


To learn more about these accessories, view the video…

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